Heavy Metal; why you should listen to it

Music, is one of humanities greatest accomplishments. Creating a medium that can alter the way we feel instantly under any other name would be a form of magic. Music is one of our most powerful tools of manipulation. Just as easily as it can make us feel happy, swoon or cry, it can make us rage, sweat and bleed from a part of our souls only accessible by listening to a guy screaming his heart out on stage.

That is why you should listen to heavy metal.

Not convinced? Let me take you back to 2003.

Now, I appreciate all kinds of music. I enjoy classical, country, jazz, pop, RnB and every now and then, and I’m not afraid to admit it, you’ll catch me busting out some moves and singing to great hits like ‘Shania Twains – Man, I feel like a woman” and If you’re really lucky and catch me on a Friday, you’ll find me bopping out of the office attempting to rap to Snows – Informer.

You will not, however, catch me dancing, singing, reminiscing, playing, bopping or tapping to any song or piece of music that filters itself down into the bottom of the barrel where Kelis – Milkshake is stored.

This wasn’t always the case though. When it first came out and I was a young age of 12 it was my jam. I honestly believed that my milkshake would bring all the boys to the yard as back then, a milkshake really was just a milkshake and Kelis was an inspirational woman who took pride in her ability to provide her customers with such beverages.

I also believed that heavy metal or any kind of music that features screaming, rage and creepy masks was horrid noise.

Those that liked it were filtered into the lower ends of the popular ranking system and left to their Worlds of Darkness and tinnitus.

Just as many do, I never considered their music to be music. It was a genre that had no place in my head or heart. “I can’t dance to it” “I can’t sing to it” “Its just noise” were the popular notions.

It wasn’t until I was older, wiser and less into milkshakes and more into milk shaking that I realised that I had been the one missing out all this time.

I was given a piece of advice that I urge for you to do as well if heavy metal isn’t your style.


Stop distracting yourself from the sounds with the pre conceived notions of it being unlistenable. Listen to the scream and hear the heartache. Listen to the lyrics and hear the story. Listen to the beat and hear their heart beating with it.

No music on this earth is comparable in passion and truth as heavy metal.

And because of that, even if you don’t enjoy it, you should respect it.

You cannot dance to it because it is a story.

You cannot sing to it because it is not your story to tell.

You can listen to it, because you can relate to it.

It is rare that in this genre you will find a song that repeats bad lyrical writing over and over.

You won’t find songs feeding you information about the artists success and how they use it to get whatever they want and you most certainly won’t hear about a mans love for milkshakes.

Instead you’ll hear the struggle they feel as they battle with the loss of a loved one or constrain themselves to not act on the lust they have for another.

Metal is incredibly versatile. It is as versatile as humans are because it is the transference of emotion into music and any lover of music knows that the best kinds, are ones that tell the truth.

Listen to the lyrics in a pop song. Many will, at some point, refer to some brand that you must have in order to be considered stylish or cool. They will adjust your perception of success to be focussed on the money you have and the number of women or men surrounding you. They preach positively of violence but divulge their hate towards discrimination and prejudice. They give you clear guidance on the rules that must be followed in order to live within that World.

Heavy Metal has no such rules. Gone are the stereotypes that were long associated with it. Black clothes, long greasy hair, tattoos all over the skin and the sacrificing of goats isn’t the pre-requisite to listen, because there isn’t one.

I love black just as much as I love pink, blue, green, yellow and every other colour. I have tattoos and piercings and wear dresses. I go out in heels and camp out at festivals in the mud. I snowboard and dance. I’ll bust out some shapes to ‘Meghan Trainers All About That Bass’ as hard as I’ll slam an air guitar to Rammsteins Du Hast’.

I am versatile, and not one genre.

No one is.

So, do yourself a favour; open yourself up to a whole genre of possibilities, sink into it and hold on, you won’t regret it.

Live out loud now with our Soundbook GO, available in red, black, blue and white.

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