Finding the ‘Perfect Ceremony Song’

So, you’re getting married and you need a Ceremony song.Well friend, I am here to tell you that you have no idea what lies before you.

I am soon to be married and I have finally, after 9 months of pure frustration, picked a wedding ceremony song.

The experience was unfathomable.

I think, at this point, for certain, I have listened to every song ever made.

My partner and I had a song when we were sweet kids of 16, but I don’t think me walking down the aisle to DJ Cammy Dancing in the Dark would be overly appropriate.

No, in my ripened age of 25, I wanted something sophisticated, beautiful, tear jerking. I want the song to be so full of meaning and love that there are puddles of tears around each guests chair. I want to have to wade through a river of happy tears to reach my groom.

The Earth should quake, the seas should part and the sun should blister in the presence of our love.

I want to make a moment so magical, a unicorn could be born from it.

That magic, is all in the music.

So, how do you find a song that encompasses your love? That tells your story? That is relevant? That could birth a magical horse?

This journey of finding the perfect song was probably the hardest part of the wedding planning. I had no idea what kind of journey I had set myself upon.

I listened to everything from When I Fall in Love by Nat King Cole to Still Alive from Portal.

Game of Thrones theme tune popped up a few times, there was some Sinatra, Hozier, Sheeran and Enya.

For 9 months I trawled Spotify in an attempt to find something.

But nothing was right.

Nothing spoke to me.

Until finally, I found my song.

It was perfect, it was everything, it was unicorn.

So in an effort to save you from the treacherous journey that is finding a wedding aisle song, I have listed a few of my findings below, categorised by moment/ theme/ magical creature.

They might not have been mine, but it may just be yours. 

Category – Beautiful Soul – Probably a giant, for the sole reason that her voice could quake the Earth.

Etta James – At Last

This was the first song I listened to that I felt anything towards. I would have happily had it had my partner wanted something a little more us. We’re untraditional, and wanted something a bit further from the norm.

But Etta James – At Last will echo through the ages as one of the most beautiful love songs ever made.

Category – Traditional – This song, were it to be a magical creature, would be a Golem, a magically animated human shaped creature made of stone, as strong as the bond of a traditional couple.

The Canon in D –  Pachelbel

Memorable, well liked, you can’t go wrong.


Category – Modern Hipster – A Wolf, not overly magical, but they howl to the moon.

Wild Ones – Bahari

I did consider this song. I think it’s beautiful and poetic. For me, there wasn’t enough substance, and would have been a bit out of place. Its perfect however, for some boho, dreamy nuptials in a field somewhere. Very solemn and slow but undoubtedly cool.

Category – Sweet & Romantic – This song is a Mermaid. Its beautiful, but a little wet.

Eva Cassidy – Songbird

This is one of my favourite songs. It is a little overdone at weddings though, and with my intention to shake the Earth, I wanted something completely unexpected. But this would suit almost any ceremony, regardless of your theme.

Category – Black & White Movie Moments –  This song is a dragon. A creature of the movies.

La Vie En Rose – Daniela Andrade

If you’re after something sweet and tender, with a black and white movie setting then this song is perfect for you. Perfect for a traditional English wedding and an English Rose bride.

Category – Actual Movie Music – Both of these songs are sirens. Beautiful and hypnotising.

The Lonely Shepherd (Gheorghe Zamfir) or The Flower of Carnage (Meiko Kaji) – Kill Bill Soundtrack (

Both stunning songs and as O-Ren Ishii is my spirit animal, it felt pretty special. We initially agreed to The Flower of Carnage, but we decided against it once we Googled the translation of the lyrics. As a woman walking towards her future, the lyrics “I’m a woman who walks at the brink of life and death” doesn’t really say I love you and cant wait to spend forever with you.

This song would suit the more intimate affairs, where your guests either haven’t watched Kill Bill or speak Japanese. Perfect for an oriental themed wedding, or one with unnatural amounts of blood loss, naturally.

Category – Modern Love – This song, would be a phoenix. Fiery and orange, just like Ed.

Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

The lyrics of this song resound within me. They reflect so well the relationship between my significant other an I, particularly because his knees are badly damaged. So when his legs don’t work like they used to before, and he cant sweep me off of my feet, I will think of this song. Even though the meaning of the lyrics were held deeply with us, the overuse of the song meant it would lose all meaning, and my tear river would be lacking, more like a puddle.

Category – Manlier & Heavier – A Minotaur, for all of its manly man’ness.

The One  – Kodaline

The One is a wonderful song. Its really intense, romantic, a bit heavier and manlier than some of the others on this list.

It was very close to being my perfect song, but not quite.

“You make me feel like its summer, when the rain is pouring down” Now forgive me, but if it rains in the summer, I tend to feel disappointed, but that’s fine, if that’s what you’re going for. Aside from this controversial lyric, the song is perfect for every wedding and will be sure to force some tears from your guests.

As a wedding is generally a reflection of the bride, having a song sung by a man adds an often well needed male voice.


Category – Happy & Joyful – – This song is a leprechaun, because its cute and funny, with a little kick.

Bright – Echosmith

Again, a top contender. With a passion for space, we found it suited us and our interests. But I like a bit more intensity, and this was a little too ‘bubbly’ for me. I like bubbly, just in a champagne glass.

And finally, for our song;

There is a song, that when it plays, my other half has the absolute biggest smile on his face.

It’s a little cheesy in concept, but the music is stunning. It has the perfect dramatic section for my entrance and its very relevant, given my partner and all of his family are massive nerds.

Concerning Hobbits – Howard Shore, The Lord of The Rings

This song is; a hobbit, wizard, elf, dwarf, human. It is a fellowship. It is unicorn.

So there you have it.

This list might not feature your perfect song, but it’s a diverse little handful and enough to get you started on your journey.

I wish you all the best in your search and do not envy you at all.

Have fun!

p.s – for great speakers that link together, perfect for outdoor weddings and ceremonies, check out our Soundscene 3, it’s weatherproof so perfect whatever the weather to deliver great music all day long to you and your guests.

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