The Mozart Effect – Music & Pregnancy

Music is life.

It can make you feel happy and relaxed as well as it can remind you of the different stages or moments in your life. One of the greatest moments in the life of a woman is when they give birth to their children. It is such a special moment! But it is also a difficult moment for them as they have to cope with pain and their bodies experience many changes in a short time. Many women need to feel relaxed during this period and one of the best therapies for doing so is by listening to music

Many of them, listen to music everyday not only to feel relaxed but also because it is believed that a baby who has listened to music in the womb is born with increased intelligence. This is called: The Mozart Effect and may induce a short-term improvement on the performance of certain kinds of mental tasks known as spatial-temporal reasoning. Spatial temporal reasoning is the way in which our brains break up space and objects. We use it to calculate moves in chess 3 steps ahead or when attempting to picture how to get somewhere. We can mentally rotate objects and space, understand the space between objects and the effects of moving said objects in a spatial sense. Doing this increases our cerebral capacity and so it is thought, that listening to Mozart increases your Spatial Temporal Reasoning too. If you introduce these sounds to a child who’s brain is under development, it is said to increase the capacity and capability of the brain.

Since a baby is in the womb of its mother, around the end of the second trimester it can hear different kinds of sounds like the heart beat of its mother and the voices close by.

Unfortunately, there is no concrete evidence that listening to music could increase the intelligence in a child. It is however a great experience and opportunity for mother and child to relax.

Music is believed to increase a child’s movement and heartbeat and they may recognise these sounds after birth.


Classical music is considered one of the best kind of music for a baby to listen to. This Is because it has a complex musical structure that can have different effects on the brain. Also, other kinds of music such as lullabies or relaxed ones are considered good for a baby as it can stimulate them.






Whilst it is a good sensory experience for a baby to listen to music, there are ways to moderate the experience. For example, you shouldn’t use headphones on a pregnant belly. The amniotic fluids conduct the sound very well so it is not necessary to use them for a child to listen to the sound on the exterior. It is better listening on a stereo as it wouldn’t affect the hearing of the baby. The recommended volume is about 65 Db (decibels).

The mother can choose whether they want to listen to classical or other kind of music, the best thing they can do is listen to those that they really enjoy so they are comfortable and the baby can enjoy It too.

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