Choosing the right music for yoga

Choosing the right music for practising yoga is not an easy task. Yoga is a discipline to master the body as well as to calm the mind. With no disruptions or distractions, yoga serves to help us find our inner selves. The Om (AUM) sound, commonly used at the beginning and at the end of yoga classes, is a mantra and the basic sound of the universe that has a physical effect on the body and helps clear the mind.

These days where silence is a luxury, many yoga teachers incorporate music into their classes, whether this is to drown out external ambient sounds while teaching or simply because it assists relaxation.

Practising yoga requires concentration, it’s therefore, best to find music specifically for this purpose. Amongst others, we can identify four key styles of music or soundscapes that can help you go further with your yoga:

  1. Ambient nature sounds. The soothing sound of waves, a flowing river, a breeze, the sound of the birds, etc. These are all sounds that evoke an energy of serenity and feelings of deep relaxation.

2. Traditional yoga music. Originating from India where traditional Indian musical instruments such as the Bansuri flute are played.

3. Classical music to calm and soothe the mind in combination with yoga.

4. Ethnic music. Although the most commonly played music during a yoga class is Indian music, other genres can be explored such as Irish music, Chinese instrumental music, and so much more.

Every person is unique, so choose the style that best works for you.

Although these are the most common types of sound and music, there are others that you can play while practising your yoga exercises or poses. Another thing to consider is trying to synchronise the music with your movements and to harmonize your breathing. One of the speakers that I frequently use and highly recommend for playing yoga music is the Soundbook X3, it has great audio quality for soothing acoustic and natural sounds which helps concentration and meditation.

I particularly find that some types of music help keep me more motivated or even just being in a calm environment overall while doing any kind of exercise, so if you ask me if I prefer practising yoga with or without music, I would choose with music for sure! And you – which kind of music do you use while practising yoga?

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